Finding Bliss

CareerBliss is an online resource for job-seekers. They were looking to provide their users with an interactive survey tool that helped them identify their personal key factors to happiness in their job. The long-term strategy is to be the one-stop resource for an individual\’s career growth, including targeted advice, tips and opportunities, but within a […]


One of the perks of working for a resort client is being able to stay on property. When I was creative director on the Sea Island Resorts account, I had many such opportunities and it can spoil you after awhile. Confession: I’m a toiletries hoarder and each time I stayed at The Cloister I would […]

portrait of boy as stag

Just finished another piece that will be showing in July at Alicia Blue Gallery. This painting was originally a fallen bird…that chose instead to be a boy. It\’s always fascinating to me how the piece evolves.

portrait of boy as bear

This painting, like “fawn”, went through many iterations to get to this point. I thought maybe if I posted it I would be less likely to continue working it to oblivion.

the pale blue dot

The Pale Blue Dot I came across this video (not new) as I was getting ready to finally start my saturday. Clean house, finish up some project work, and hit the studio for some much needed quality time with paint and brush. One of the lines really stuck with me. “The folly of human conceit”. […]

totally hipstamtic

I’ve downloaded a few camera apps to my iPhone and haven’t spent too much time on them. Until now. It’s kind of addicting…the unpredictability between what you see and what ends up in your photo. So many lenses, so may film-types…but what makes it really interesting to me is that at .99 cents an app, […]

the kingdom

I’m starting a new series of paintings. These follow the last body of work “evidence of being” in that they are concerned with dreams, journey, and our hauntingly imperfect memories of childhood. The first work (above) is titled “fawn” and was a journey in and of itself. It started over a year ago as a […]


Some fun beetle illustrations I designed for a personal project.


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creative direction

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Ford’s Filling Station

Ford’s Filling Station When I first heard about this restaurant, I was in seat 26b, with my husband to my left and an L.A. photographer on my right whom I quickly came to realize I knew. Our flight was quick and painless due to the conversation surrounding Culver City, dining, and art. He was raving […]

seal beach

New Year\’s Day. 2009. Overcast, windy, teal-streaked sky and leftover offerings to the sea.  


Rome….cradle of civilization, fashion and fine Italian gelato. It was years ago that I traveled the 15-plus hours to reach Italy, barely surviving the cracked-out-on-sugar 8 year-old swinging from the ceiling next to me, mother conveniently hiding under a flimsy blue airline blanket. Never having been to Italy, my mom and I decided a tour […]


A few years back, The Designory held the annual Director\’s meeting in San Francisco. One of the side trips was San Quentin. It was a strange place. I was experiencing some issues with my camera inside, and unfortunately don\’t recall all the settings I ended up with, but the photos were astounding. These are unretouched […]

oh! hehe!

As experienced at the Apple Store, Fashion Island – women\’s bathroom


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I split my time between painting, consulting, playing with my cats and enjoying the life my husband and I have built together. You can read more about my professional life here. I\’m passionate about brand, both the experience and the visual expression of it. As a creative director I\’ve helped companies and organizations through insight, […]