One of the perks of working for a resort client is being able to stay on property. When I was creative director on the Sea Island Resorts account, I had many such opportunities and it can spoil you after awhile. Confession: I’m a toiletries hoarder and each time I stayed at The Cloister I would bring home the goods. This was how I was introduced to Bvlgari – specifically the “White Tea” line. A scent so clean, fresh and a tiny bit mysterious, it has become one of my favorites.

The retail experience is exquisite, from the store’s interior to the product lines, all the way down to the way they “package” your receipt in a little black, branded envelope (yes, I did indeed end up purchasing the perfume). ¬†And while I’ve yet to visit any of their hotels or resorts, I imagine the experience would be out of this world.

I stay connected to the brand on Facebook. Last year they posted an invitation to “make a wish”…it was one of the best uses of FB connect I’ve experienced. The design, music, and user-experience really pulls you into another world. Your wish is preserved forever here and if you choose to do so, sent to friends within your FB network. Great digital branding.

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