Ford’s Filling Station


Ford’s Filling Station

When I first heard about this restaurant, I was in seat 26b, with my husband to my left and an L.A. photographer on my right whom I quickly came to realize I knew. Our flight was quick and painless due to the conversation surrounding Culver City, dining, and art. He was raving about the restaurant down the street from their offices…Ford Filling Station. He mentioned that the chef was Harrison Ford’s son and I made a mental note to check it out.  Mental notes being what they are, it was a full three years later that  I happened upon it (thankfully) with a friend while looking for a restaurant in Culver City. I wish I had looked it up earlier!

Wonderful place to hang and people watch. Culver City is amazing anyway, with all the studios in the vicinity it’s fun watching studio execs, would-be’s and pretty people. But leave your diet at home. With tempting morsels such as Pig Candy (yes, !!!bacon!!! that has been marinated in brown sugar and maple syrup) and amazing deviled eggs, it’s all about the eats.

Fast Facts:

Chef/Proprietor | Ben Ford

Emphasis |  Fresh, seasonal ingredients , artfully crafted.

This Foodie’s Take:

Equally open and intimate, the restaurant’s ambiance is an invitation to linger and enjoy. Simple, industrialized interior boasting high, wood-beamed ceilings, exposed brick walls and concrete floors. California casual with style. Indoor or outdoor dining (we opted for the bar, as usual).

As someone with a creative bent, I really appreciate the details. And the menu was fab. Pressed wood, laser cut logo with daily menu attached via elastic bands–it was evidence of thoughtful design, beautifully executed and relevant to the restaurant’s theme.

But let’s talk about the food. Food was–simply–great. We ordered one slice of the Pig Candy, Deviled Eggs and Charcuterie plate, and finished off splitting a mini-Pub Burger (which was smart, given the previous consumption).

Gluttons. But happy gluttons, nonetheless. Highly recommend this place to meat-lovers everywhere.


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